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A celebration of all things candles

Today, 1 March, is a very special day for candle aficionados around the globe – it’s World Candle Day!

It goes without saying that here at Fenwick Candles, we love candles. Our studio and home are filled with candles of all scents and shapes, from multi-coloured pillar candles too pretty to burn to quirky container candles that pack a real scented punch.

We’re firmly of the belief that a candle isn’t just for Christmas. After all, who doesn’t want a beautifully scented home all year round?!

By carefully selecting a scent, it’s possible to enhance the unique smell of each season with an evocative fragrance. From warming spices in winter to fresh flowers in spring, freshly cut grass in summer or pumpkin in autumn, a simple change of scent can bring a whole new vibe to your home.

Or why not go wild and mix it up? Who says you can’t enjoy the scent of freshly baked gingerbread in summer? Certainly not us – we love it all year round 🙂

Whether a present from a loved one or a gift to yourself (and why not – we all deserve to be spoiled!), candles are a little touch of luxury that create a feel-good factor no matter the time of year. They evoke wonderful memories, brighten up our day and bring a sense of wellbeing.

So today, on World Candle Day – and every day – light that candle, breathe in the gorgeous aroma, relax and enjoy the moment… you deserve it.

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