Waxidents? What’s that? Well, these are products that for cosmetic reasons, don’t quite make the Fenwick Candles seal of approval. The good news for our lovely customers is that they’re available at a huge discount!

Our Waxidents still smell as fabulous as all our other products, but are perhaps not as ‘pretty’ as they could be. Some may have slight chips or faded colour, while others may have frosting. Frosting is a white coating that can appear on vegetable waxes such as soy, particularly in coloured candles and wax melts, and is completely natural.  Importantly, none of these little cosmetic details affects the burn or scent throw at all.

Our Waxidents are available in very limited numbers, so if you want to enjoy one of our fabulous fragrances at an extra-special price, don’t miss out, as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Choose a scent from our dropdown menu or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try our lucky dip for an even bigger discount?

Please note, Waxidents may be either snap bars or a pack of six individual wax melts, which normally retail at £3 each and offer the same burn time.

For full allergen/CLP information, please see the main snap bar listing.

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